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UCR Winter in Photos

Although UCR's winter season does not include snow, it does have wasps, cookies, Vietnamese politicians, a Martin Luther King Jr. Walk and much more! Check out some of December's and January's best moments!

The Top: Our Favorite Photos with Scotty!

This week, we feature UCR's beloved mascot, Scotty Highlander, and his top photos on social media.

Awards and Honors

The director of UC Riverside’s Presley Center for Crime and Justice Studies will lead a UC systemwide effort to advance social science and law research in a project designed to foster collaboration and multidisciplinary research across the UC’s 10 campuses.

Application Period for Next Staff Advisor to the Regents is Open

The University of California Office of the President on Jan. 20 announced the opening of the application period for the next staff advisor-designate to the Regents. The position’s term runs July 2015 through June 2017.

Food Justice at the Forefront

With a central theme of food justice, such subjects were explored during the three-day, inaugural California Higher Education Food Summit held Jan. 16-18 at UC Santa Barbara. Founded by a multicampus team of University of California staff and students, the first-of-its-kind conference is part of the ongoing UC Global Food Initiative.

UCR YouTube Channel

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UC Riverside Chancellor Wilcox 2015 GreetingUC Riverside Chancellor Wilcox 2015 Greeting

UCR Chancellor delivers 2015 campus welcome message

Rhoptropus afer, an exceptionally fast geckoRhoptropus afer, an exceptionally fast gecko

A study led by biologists at the University of California, Riverside has found that evolution can downgrade or entirely remove adaptations a species has previously acquired, giving the species new survival advantages. The researchers focused their attention on geckos, specifically the adhesive system that allows geckos to cling to surfaces. They found that species of geckos in which the adhesive system was either lost or simplified — e.g., the Rhoptropus afer (a gecko species) seen in this video — saw elevated rates of evolution related to morphology and locomotion. Rhoptropus afer is an exceptionally fast gecko that has a simplified adhesive system. Video credit: Higham Lab, UC Riverside.

UC Riverside Community GardensUC Riverside Community Gardens

Explore the many ways the UCR Community Gardens provides a space to educate, engage, inspire and feed the campus and local community.

UC Riverside Homecoming 2014UC Riverside Homecoming 2014

Homecoming week 2014 events include Scotfest, reunions, bonfire rally, Parent's Association event, back to class lectures, Highlanders basketball and more. Fun for the whole Highlander family.

Chemists at the University of California, Riverside fabricate novel rewritable paperChemists at the University of California, Riverside fabricate novel rewritable paper

Chemists at the University of California, Riverside have fabricated in the lab novel rewritable paper, one that is based on the color switching property of commercial chemicals called redox dyes. The dye forms the imaging layer of the paper. Printing is achieved by using ultraviolet light to photobleach the dye, except the portions that constitute the text on the paper. The new rewritable paper can be erased and written on more than 20 times with no significant loss in contrast and resolution.

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